Weiran (Erin) Tao 

Based in NYC, I'm a multifaceted designer, researcher, and maker with a focus that spans multiple disciplines. My academic journey has equipped me with a well-rounded understanding of design and fostered a holistic mindset. My interests lies deeply in the wonders of ecological systems and those unknowns that not yet discovered in the nature. I always wondered how tiny parts of a product is acquired, assembled and adapted.

The rise of the circular economy captivates me as well - it is where discarded bones from a meal can be turned into fine china plates, or tons of old shoes destined for the landfill find new life as repurposed shoe components. Commonly overlooked items we valued as trash may actually have a vital role in closing the ecological loop. I envision myself one day being an active participant in this transformation, creatively contributing to the further development of a sustainable, circular economy.


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