Week 9 - Mirror Project

Erin & Lynn

In this project we were inspired by the work created by JUNKIYOSHI - which he/she indicated in the website that he/she was using openFramework to draw. And we were gradually forming the idea that we want to create a pixel mirror that somehow shape the outline of the human figure, and having some 3D effects which we might be able to use brightness to detect area where the bright side of figure will be portraited clearly and stand out, while the darker side of the area will be sunked. Therefore it will create a three-dimensional (illusion?) that can help to form the human figure more accurately.


At first version - we tried to create little particles and we used ellispe() to create the pixels, however, we are working in x,y axis, and we do not know how to control the pixel sizes to make the object selection larger and and surrounding pixel smaller when it detect something.


Later, we found the reference “3D Terrain Generation with Perlin Noise in Processing” in codingtrain challenge, and we thought the overall shape of the 3d terrain somehow matches our inspiration of feeling like a cloth covering the subjects that are being detected. And these are the original p5 code from Shiffman.


And we changed it to adjust with the webCam, and it frustrated us at the beginning that we were unable to make it detect things, and everytime the camera is on, there is nothing to be detected in the p5, and somehow the .html does not work well with the webCam feature, which allowed our p5 editor crashed multiple times. Finally, by assigning the right value for the terrain[x][y]with the brightness() function that we want to use detect objects, and we also forgot to add uploadPixels() in the beginning!.. and we also made adjustment on the cam.size as well therefore we had full mirror working now!!

Here is the final video ︎︎︎
link to p5.js