Week 7 -
Lab Documentations + Project Ideas

This week is about Two-Way (Dup) Serial Communication between Arduino and P5.js.

︎︎︎Sending Multiple Serial Data using Punctuation Read the three sensors (digital & analog) separately:

︎︎︎Receive the data in P5.js / The P5.js Sketch
1. Why my circle did not disappear when I pressed the button and instead it is the opposite way, when I pressed it, it fully stops and maintain its white color, while I use the potentiometer, it flicks a little between an certain alpha degree of white and white color.

︎︎︎Flow Control: Call and Response (Handshaking)Some form of flow control allowing the sending program does not send the information too fast to break the receiver program.

1. When I tried to upload the code from Arduino, it says in the console that having a problem to connect the board which all the connection prior is completely fine, however when I simply turned off the p5.serialcontrol, and it uploaded successfully.

2.As shown below, when I started the arduino sketch and opened the serial monitor, it jumps out  “hello” which is great, however, I am not really sure about the outcome when I type “a”, “b”, or “abcd”, the outcome will all be the same since I assumed because of the value of the potentiometer did not change? but when I feed different bytes like “a”, “b”, the value should be changing....?

3. The changed version of p5 sketch feels different than the last one, and the circle become more unstable?

Noted: println function does not work in p5. I think it should be print or console.log.

︎︎︎Project 2 Ideas:

This time for project 2, I am working with Yuan, and we brainstormed a bunch of interesting ideas. Finally we agreed upon now on this idea: we want to make a little puppet theather digitally in P5 or other web platform, and we want to create the physical control, possibly be a glove with sensors, to control the puppets sing the melody of “AR~DUI~NO” with different pitches and tones.