Week 5 - Project 1 Documentations

Erin & Xuan & Lauren

Our project is about development of the melody of the words using morse code system with a setup of letters (right now we only have ABCDEFG), a “reset” button and a “play” button.

We had discussed several ideas, and we want to change the perception when each time people think of a Morse Code training machine, they probably think of something that they need to know the code in advance for typing something, and it is how training process goes of projects about Morse Code. And we want to reverse this idea that the user is just normally typing the words or even just a pressing the letter, and when they pressed ”play”, they will hear the melody composed by the pattern of morse code, and the tone of that pattern is in the musical scale A - G, which is correspoding to the letter A - G.


︎︎︎About the coding parts 1st approach (Group members) :

As a group our initial take on for the code were largely based on the lab we did, and the code were mostly from the lab of Week3, and Lauren had a first try of the code, and also adding the yell() function that when user is trying multiple times and it kind of exceeds the maximum, the speaker will yell to send the feedback. However, the code is not very working at our first try, so I tried to organize in my way, and I was asking for help from coding lab / one of my friend with cs background and discuss with my friend about different functions to be used.

︎︎︎About the coding parts 2nd approach (parts that I did/ researched/ get helped with) :

And the code works perfectly! except the fact that in the void loop(), I was not very clear about the logic and the function used in the loop statement, but I fully understand about the assignment of the tones and the pressing sound in the later function. I tried to figure out the a clear and understandable way to communicate statements inside the loop() back to my group members after I received help from my friend, and I am just very confused by two if() statement inside the while() function.

︎︎︎About the coding parts 3nd approach :

Re-writing the code to a easier statement to understand, and with less if() statement that confused me, we started with checking the button state change, and with the help from coding lab, we figured out a simple way to re-write it, just with the loop() setup, and the remaining code (with the assignment of tones) are basically the same.  And it still works!!!


︎︎︎About the very first trouble shooting about the buttons (which of them are broken and which are not) :

︎︎︎About the first working circuit when uploaded the 2nd approach codes (with all the tone + patterns assigned using morse code system + musical scale ) :

︎︎︎About actually making the housing and physical parts of the project presentation:
    - We experienced again and again “not working” situation when we did not even change anything about the code.
    - We troubleshoot again and again for very tiny details like:
      1) port & adaptor connection between computer and the arduino cord.
      2) different cord connection with the arduino uno board.
      3) connection of the wiring of the speaker.
      4) connection / soldering techniques might affect the button to not respond.

Final Outcome:︎︎︎