Week 4 - Synthetic Media Group Project

Erin & Zoe

We discussed lots of ideas that coud possibly turned into something worth thinking over and over.

  • Dating app profile changing - get different matches: real / fake? how to distinguish
  • Tricking people to see if they know what’s real or fake?
  • What factors are affecting the decision?
  • OPTIONS to create an avatar of yourself would you consent now to let your identity be used in the future?

We sums up the concepts into 3 different areas:

-Model: Generate sentence descriptions of images
See how we can stretch the functionality of this model. What if we print a photo and hold it up to the camera? How detailed of a drawing do we have to make before it detects what we’re drawing. Putting clothes on a chair to see if the model will detect it as a person.

-Data moshing (apps likeMoshUp)
Distorting reality using AI, messing with physical laws that our brains rely on. It feels eerie when it transitions to something else, and then you feel comfortable again when the next image shows up, until it changes again.
Journey of a day? Body parts?
Outcome idea: two channels - one is recording normal humans action, cooking, walking, series of tasks - one is same series of actions but strangely presenting

-Can people tell what’s real and fake? (poem generators, facegenerator, pizza generator, landscape generator)
Showing people something made by AI (like a poem) and ask for their interpretation, reveal it was AI after.
Showing a picture of generated person and asking questions
Have to be careful when asking because we don’t want to prime people or give it away- “do you see something wrong with this” vs. asking “Tell me what you think this person’s story is”