Week 4 - Repetition & Loop

This week’s project is about loop and repetition by mainly using function for( __ ; __ ; __ ) { }. 
I did several approaches for the different repetition and loop:

︎The first one I trying to make a kind of light effect + passcode interface, and I add mouseX in the fill() and in the function of drawing the line and ellispe to make the interaction to change color along with the mouseX, while using the for() function.

︎The second one I trying to make a kind of circles overlapping loop while changing the colors as the mouse goes. And I also used the function push( ), to draw a circle continuously. And I also added the translate(), for designing the animation of the circle within the width and height I set, and I also tried manipulated with the time rate to make the animation goes delaying.

︎The final one I changed a bit to make the loops of circles.


Week 4 Design