Week 3 - Synthetic Media

The example that jumped in my head when I was considering how to define synthetic media, was remarkable, innovative yet horrifying, the idea of Neuralink. The meaning of an electronic brain-computer interface was something we might have a rough visual from when we heard about the term but not the whole picture and even a slight consideration of what it might actually apply to. And the reason I considered this a “synthetic media” was when I connected my understanding of synthetic media to the a picture where it showed three types of media:
[ Old media -> New media -> Synthetic media ].

In this case, the “old media” tied in this concept of brain-computer interface was the natural state of our brain, and every human being had a unique brain status including variety of neurons, glial cells, neural stem cells, and blood vessels and etc. As for the “new media” in this case would be the detection device, the screen or display that we commonly were very comfortable to see them on our bracelet like fitbit and apple watch. Finally the “synthetic media” would be the brain implants that kept track of our brain by inserting ones into ours, thus causing the “alternation” of our brains, yet showing the “original” status of our brains.

“The Neuralink chipset, called N1 chipset, will be installed in the skull which is 8mm in diameter and has multiple wires housing electrodes and insulation for the wires.“

This BMI involved machine learning that basically gathering the information from neurons that sent by our brains, and those neurons were also communicating with other body parts back and forth, thus they formed an unique eletrical field that can be recorded and observed by electrodes. And the dataset, in this case, was actually the brain signals and information gathered to send unintentionally to the electrodes, and they can then understand the electrical signal in our brain and translate them into an algorithm that a machine can read.

And without a doubt it seemed ethically contentious that once humans’ brains estalished connection with the computer, and the device used in our brains was being connected to the internet, how can the only privacy we had right now be protected? And how can human stop imagining the next applications and explorations of using these devices in the future, how can we guarantee that human could coexist with advanced AI and actually achieving AI symbiosis?