Week 3 -Group Project

Yunqi & Erin & Sarah

This week our group focused on using conditional statements to build more interactive graphics within p5.js.
And we initially getting the wrong idea about making “rollover”, “button” and “slider“ into an existing graph, and we did it seperately on a seperate page and we combined it together. Therefore we had two creative assignments.

On the first one we did the alternations of my self-portrait:

︎the color changing for the hat when the mouse is pressed.
︎dragging the flower up and down.
︎ the sun is showing the ray when the mouse moves to center of the sun - and we also gets a little problem inside it but we fixed it since when we set the range of the mouseX within the area that makes sure the rest of the body did not get affected by the condition.

On the second one, we did more experiments on the interaction.

And we worked on another interactive little game - which also includes different conditional statements.

We created the match between the computer and the user, and we tried to calculate score, showed it a progress bar and a fair winning percentage between the computer and the user.