Week 2 - Sound Design Experiment

Erin & Julia

The concept of the sound piece was the idea of a person experiencing her inner monologue with a “dominant” voice during shower time, in a relaxing, funny, somewhat random conversation happened actively in her brain.

We had recorded our conversation seperately to perform two different personalities inside the character’s head. And we basically wrote out the questions / answers we had for our voiceover script:

  • “Wait so where is this place?”
    • Next to fort greene. You went there, remember!
  • Oh!… right. I forgot.
    • There were a million mosquitos and the waiter hit on you but the food was really good

[Animal Crossing plays in the background]
  • Yeah yeah yeah “ Oh Wait, did you shut the door? I think I heard something” 

[Extract-whiskey bottle opened sound / clipper sound  drastically]
    • Uhhh… oh my god yeah its closed. Yikes!
  • Ugh should I shave my legs?
    • Well if you’re going to ask, might as well.
  • Okay fine. Hmm... “Do we even like this guy?”
    • He seems nice and all, but he’s a bit of a bro. As long as he’s not a Virgo.
  • What if this is a huge mistake?”
    • Naw, it’ll be fine. Just be cute and smile and enjoy yourself it’ll be great! (as long as he’s not a Virgo)

[Crickets in the background]
  • “Hmm what should I wear?
    • Definitely something comfy…
  • What about the blue dress? 
    • I thought I said comfy. I dunno, it shrunk in the wash so now it’s WAY too short
  • Yeah, is that a problem?
    • Okay girl! You do you
  • Alright I gotta get dressed, let’s get outta here.

And finally we completed the sequence with a corresponding end like the very beginning, to emphasizing that the shower vacation is over, and the character is back to the real world.