Week 1 - Response

I considered that computation is consistently existing in a form of expression and function. I previously was not a fan of VR techniques simply since I wish to consider for others who are not in this field, participating in such “new form of technology” was seemingly a huge challenge that requires certain stimulus. And then I realized that the advantage of this kind of technology is changing and adapting, and this computational platform is evolving that it is actually penetrating in lives that even people who hate “changes” is now more tolerating and accepting the idea. And it changed my perception as well when I thought over my thesis last year in pandemic, and I immediately related myself more, learning more approaches to express and present my design when at that time we are all experiencing and participating digital lives. In fashion industry, most designers team had pattern makers that were located mainly in Asia and Europe. And the designers who in charge of communicating with the pattern makers, they were often correcting patterns over and over through mail (yes it is more convenient due to technical errors sometimes in different computational platforms) to achieve the nearly perfect one for the makers to actually produce. And this process is taking forever even in pre-covid times. And it inspired me to begin thinking of the productivity of computational platform, is it more productive or less productive? Since pattern making softwares are so different that the participants in this process are not sure about the interaction among them, and in the end they were not able to perform the tasks well.

I do not have an exact idea of what the projects are going to be, but my goal is to make things that are somehow functional but also humorous and fun enough to let people to engage.

Process of Creating Self-Portrait thru p5.js

I used my Memoji as an initial reference of my face, and I just simply outlined it and imagined in my mind about some shapes or lines that I need to create in p5. js.

I outlined the shapes of the hat first using the arc() code, however, I experienced some difficulties that I could not draw a perfect half-ellipse for the upper part of the hat. And I was trying different coordinates to use the lower part of the hat covered a little traits from the upper half-ellipse, and it seems like I solved the problem, but actually I am just using the strokeWeight make them overlapped.

I also added the body part to my portrait, and I thought of what I wore the first day of class, which I guess is most relatable way now of remembering someone’s appearance since now we are all wear masks. And I also encountered different parts that overlapped each other in a sequence I do not want it to be, and that part I also figured that some codes needed to be addressed before the very first line, and it somehow determined the order of each parts, I think.

In general, the experience of using the web editor is less stressing, and I felt like it was a much easier tool when the editor existed on a web page. It provided an easy access to share and collaborate with others, and overall a cool editor for beginners like me.

Here is the final outcome:︎︎︎