[Creative Coding📡]

In this visual project my friend Lynn and I drew profound inspiration from the creations of JUNKIYOSHI, who, as mentioned on their website, employs openFramework for artistic rendering.

Our vision coalesced around the concept of a pixel mirror—one that delineates the contours of the human form.

We envisaged an interactive piece where brightness serves as a tool to discern depth: the illuminated portions of a figure are rendered distinctly and appear raised, while the shadows recede, lending an illusion of depth. This approach not only provides a three-dimensional illusion but also captures the essence of the human figure with heightened accuracy.

Social Media / Branding Design archives for OMTOU app website.

[Visual design🥽]

Some fun exercise for making a ring out of sculpting clay.

                 [Product Making🔦]

An exploration of respiration and the relationship between the movement of our breathing and bacterial particles from environmental air.